Alimony (maintenance money)

Alimony is a Latin word and means food or feeding in Georgian. It is a court-mandated allowance made by a divorced or legally separated person to unemployable family members or underage children.

The alimonies can be paid to the following family members:

  • underage children;
  • unemployable parents;
  • grandparents;
  • siblings;

The amount is specified by parents if they are not agreeing with the court decision.

The court also determines the amount of alimony for other family members, considering the financial status of both the payer and receiver. If the financial state has been improved, the amount can be re-considered and either increased or decreased.

The alimony can be paid on an ex post facto basis, but not more than 3 years. The unavailability of the debtor does not relieve him from the responsibility, as this issue has no expiration date. Even upon attaining majority by a child, the accumulated amount of alimony specified by the court is subject to a one-time payment. For example, according to the court decision, the alimony amount is GEL 200, and it is not being paid for 3 years. Finally, the debtor has to pay GEL 7200 total. Exemption from the payment is acceptable only in extraordinary cases and exclusively based on the court decision.