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Vakhtang Machavariani
Managing partner

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For Physical Persons

  • Banking Law
  • Protection of Non-Property Rights
  • Personal Attorney/Lawyer
  • Enforcement
  • Labor Law
  • Disputes on Civil Cases
  • Criminal Law
  • Real Estate
  • Divorce
  • Inheritance Law

For Legal Entities

  • Administrative Cases
  • Investment projects
  • Business Lawyer
  • Protection of Business Reputation
  • Business/Buy-Sell
  • Legal Audit
  • Real Estate

For Foreigners

  • Immigration Law
  • Investment Projects
  • Business/Buy–Sell
  • Credit Cases
  • Business Lawyer
  • Personal Attorney/Lawyer
  • Real Estate
  • Administrative Cases
  • Criminal Law
  • Civil Cases

About the lawyer

Vakhtang Machavariani – Education: historician – kartvelologist, lawyer - specializing in a civil law as well as in criminal law. At present time - Lawyer and founder of the Company “Vakhtang Machavariani’s Law Office”.

Over the years, he lived and studied in UK, where he established his own Company and accumulated significant skills and experience.

At different times, he was working on leading positions - in banking and developing fields, also at Interpol and “Sakaeronavigatsia” LTD

In 2007 he started lawyer activities and since then successfully continues his work in this direction. During these years, he has acquired important experience, knowledge and practical connections, which led to his professional development. He has conducted around 500 judicial proceedings, has participated in many resonant cases, he publishes legal publications and is an author and host of the program “ An Hour Of Justice With Vakhtang Machavariani”.

He participated in the war for Georgian territorial integrity in Abkhazia, and is awarded with a Medal for Bravery. That's why in parallel with the Lawyer activities in 2012, together with his allies, he has established the NGO - War Veterans’ Rights Protection Association “Patriot” and till now, he is protecting legitimate rights of veterans and their families.

Vakhtang Machavariani is characterized as a persistent and  purposeful person.

Contact Information

2a Kipshidze st, G&O Business Center, Tbilisi
+995 (0)322 90 45 10

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