What is debtors' registry?

The National Executive Bureau makes up the e-list of debtors. The debtors are the ones who have debts towards their creditors/money lenders. The debt shall be confirmed by the warrant of execution, deed of pledge, or any other documents stipulated by the legislation of Georgia.

The debtor is listed in the registry immediately once the execution is proceeding. The information in the registry is public. Any person can access it through the website of the national executive bureau. The information about listed debtors in the registry is submitted to the ministry of internal affairs, public registry, and bank organizations. 

Accordingly, the ministry of internal affairs is to notify the executive bureau or private executor if the debtor owns a vehicle or a weapon. If yes, they have to suspend the right to dispose of the property. The public registry and bank organizations have the same approach.

The debtor has no longer the right to dispose of his movable and real estate property and his funds until he is excluded from the list. Excluding is possible if the debt is completely covered, or based on the court decision, or based on any other conditions stipulated by the legislation.